Sustainability lies at the core of everything we do. We attempt to reduce supply miles for every product we use from our guest rooms to the restaurant and everywhere about the hotel. The choices we make always take into account the most beneficial practice for the environment we can make including long-term goals of sustainability amongst the Hobart community.

We install energy-efficient technologies where possible and incorporate energy moderators to our daily work routines.
We recycle all our glass, paper, cardboard, metal and plastics and attempt to reduce packaging containers where possible. All our products are recycled and/or biodegradable.

We use natural gas for our hot water and cooking.

Lighting throughout is low energy efficient with a gradual change to LED lights in progress.

The rain showers in each guest room are the lowest water flow we could find and still create a wonderfully soaking spray.

Our conservatory is thematically controlled to reduce power usage including automatic louvres and under-floor heating.

Our guest rooms are ‘no paper.’ An iPad in each room has the hotel compendium, menu, wine list and other essential documents pre-loaded.

Dining in the Islington kitchen offers organic and natural, farm-fresh cuisine, which is in line with the hotel’s core concept of sustainability. We support local artisan producers wherever possible and believe the future of healthy, dynamic food lies in the reduction of distance between paddock and plate, along with sustainable farming procedures. Tasmania is at the cutting edge of green farming practice with its free-range livestock, breakthroughs in sustainable fish farming and organic vegetable producers and vineyards. All these people are at our front door.

Some of our restaurant facts:
– 80% local farmers
– 100% free range eggs
– Organic kitchen garden
– Locally sourced food and beverages
– All natural gas cooktop and oven
– Seasonal menu

Giving back to the community is one of our fundamental beliefs.

We regularly provide auction items to numerous charitable organisations including –
The Alcorso Foundation, The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, AbAF, Mission Australia, The Cancer Council; specifically Movember, Thyroid Reserch and Pink Ribbon Day, The Malthouse Theatre, EHOS Opera Company, Save The Tasmanian Devil Foundation, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, The Museum of Contemporary Art and the ABC Giving Tree.

We donate 5% of all restaurant profits to Sprout Tasmania.

The mission of Sprout Tasmania is, in our opinion, essential to the positive progress of Tasmania as a state. Sprout Tasmania is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to a vision of developing resources that promote relationships between the Tasmanian food and beverage industry and the wider community. Sprout would like to see Tasmanian produce as the staple on supermarket shelves, restaurants and cafes. Tasmanians will be able to feel connected to their community by buying local, fresh and sustainable products. Tasmania has the opportunity to become a self-sufficient state in regards to food production. With the support, assistance and education that Sprout Tasmania can provide to small growers and farmers, and to the broader community (consumers), Tasmania can move towards achieving a higher level of food security – a local food supply that is sustainable, accessible, nutritious and reliable.