cured ocean trout on fennel, caper + tomato salad




Tasmanian ocean trout fillet, skin on

Sliced fennel
Red cherry tomatoes, halved
Green olives, pitted
Salt packed capers, rinsed and towel dried
Fresh basil leaves, stemmed
Sliced roasted capsicum (skin removed)
Sliced pickled radish


Curing Ocean Trout


The ocean trout is cured to enhance the colour and give a firmer texture to the flesh.

Keep the fillet whole, 80-100g per person
(curing works best if done on a whole side, do not attempt less than 500g )

Place trout skin side down on a dry roasting tray.
Sprinkle flesh liberally with a mix of Murray River salt flakes and raw sugar (roughly 50/50)
Cover with cling film and place a smaller tray on top. Weigh down the top tray with roughly 4kg per 1kg of ocean trout and refrigerate for 24 hours.

After 24hours on the cure remove and wash of the excess salt and sugar. Pat dry with a paper towel and remove skin with a sharp boning knife.


Joe’s tip – press with 1 x 2litre full milk bottle per 500g of trout.


Searing the Ocean Trout

Oil a flat, thick-bottomed pan and put on the heat until smoking hot. Any high burn temp oil like peanut oil or canola will do, do not use olive oil as it has a low burn temperature.

Carefully lay the trout in being careful to use one fluid movement away from the body; this avoids hot oil splatter.
Sear on all sides.
This should take no more than 20-30 seconds per side. Do not cook all the way through.


Joe’s tip – do not season with pepper before searing, pepper gets bitter when scorched.


The Salad

Mix together fennel, tomatoes, basil, green olives, roast capsicum, pickled radish and capers in a large bowl, dress with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

Add pepper to taste; there should be enough salt in the cured trout to avoid needing any more.

To Serve

Divide mixed and dressed salad on to plates leaving 1/3 of the salad in the mixing bowl. Slice trout across the fillet into 5mm pieces and toss with remaining salad. Evenly distribute onto the plates in a nice stack and dress with the remaining juices.

Garnish with thyme flowers.