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Islington Poached Pears

We love our pears year round here at Islington, but eating fresh, sometimes they can be a gamble – unripe…too ripe…bruised… Cooking with pears, however, offers  many great options both sweet and savoury. Try Natalie’s poached pears as a healthy breakfast with a dollop of yoghurt…

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Bartender I’ll have a Tasmanian

The perfect pre dinner tipple made from the finest Tasmanian ingredients. 30ml mchenry ‘old english’ sloe gin 30ml lark distillery ‘single cask’ peated whiskey 15ml tangelo juice 10ml sugar syrup  a dash of islington’s house made cherry bitters   add all ingredients to a pitcher…

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lemon + fennel pork belly on braised white beans with red cabbage, roasted garlic aioli + watercress

  approximately 10 serves   pork belly 1.5 kg bone out pork belly finely grated zest of 1 lemon 2 tbsp fennel seeds crushed salt 2 tablespoons oil method dry the pork belly well with paper towel and score the skin well. rub the rest…

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Baked Quince Tarts

This recipe adapted by Islington Hotel’s own chef Natalie Frohmader with respectful acknowledgement of our favourite cookbook of the moment ‘The Engine Room No 115’ Makes 6 For the poached quinces 4 quinces 2 cup of caster sugar 2 oranges -juiced and peeled with a…

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cured ocean trout on fennel, caper + tomato salad

Here’s another recipe out of the Islington kitchen especially to celebrate the first harvest from our own tomato garden. Real fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes don’t need a lot to make the flavour pop, a few capers, a pinch of basil, a few sliced fennel bulbs and a splash of olive oil and lemon juice do the trick here. Add to that Joe’s 24hour cured ocean trout and we think you’ll discover the perfect summer salad is a meal all in itself.

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Grilled Tasmanian asparagus with a soft poached hen’s egg, crispy pancetta and extra virgin olive oil

Asparagus Add ½ a bunch of asparagus to a pan of unsalted rapidly boiling water and leave for 3 ½ minutes (time may vary depending on individual spear diameter).   Joe’s Tip – Take one asparagus spear and bend until the woody end breaks off….

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